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Fig. 3 An anal canal, prepared to demonstrate the anal cushions as in Fig. 2, slit open to show the interior. If, instead, the vessels of a fresh anorectum are filled (retrogradely, from the superior rectal vein) prior to inflation and fixation, the interior of the anal canal is seen, on transection of the rectum above, to look quite different . Close-up of the slit open anal canal from an adolescent, viewed with transmitted light. The anal canal is usually shown as a 4-cm long tube lined in its upper two-thirds by insensible mucosa and below by a hairless, glandless cuff of highly sensitive squamous epithelium, the anoderm. High fiber diets (especially fruits, vegetables, and whole grains) have been shown to keep the body regular and cleansed. Herbal remedies to fight impotence can help to improve the reproductive functions in men to achieve rock hard erections as it is full of antioxidants and can provide protection to the body tissues from oxidative stress caused by everyday chemicals. The small blue pill is not the only way to cure ED – Most of the men believe that small blue pill is the only solution to treat ED.

Only one way to find out. Take time out to rest your mind and feast your eyes on her exquisite slide shows and special galleries at Astrology Day Blogathon 2010: A Cosmic Art Gallery. Let us now find out what exactly is the influence of coffee on human health. Wish they could find better things to do with their time. Erectile Dysfunction Supplement – Why is it Better Compared to Drugs? The generic sexual impotence drugs offer the same potency as the original branded medication but at a lower cost. Several banding instrument models are available and although they work on the same broad principle there are two main categories, single-operator and assistant-required. Fig. 2 The same view as Fig. 1, now with the veins filled with a coloured suspension of barium sulphate demonstrating the shape, position, and existence of the anal cushions conferring a stellate cross-section to the anal lumen. Now the anal lining bulges into the lumen as three (occasionally four) pads—each more or less impressed by the vertical mucosal folds—which have been called the anal cushions. Even doctors are now recommending simple home treatments before writing up a prescription of Levitra. The most common side effects — impotence and incontinence – were either eliminated or greatly reduced, and minimal toxicity was seen on surrounding structures even in advanced cancers.

“Arjuna, a man should not relinquish action he is born to, even if it is flawed. But symbolism can also be applied to man. The anal cushions can be seen dark in their mucosal part with blood pushed down ahead of the barium sulphate suspension injected into the superior rectal vein. Fig. 4 (a) A dissection of the superior rectal artery (injected with red latex) branching within the mesorectum of an anteriorly opened anorectal specimen. Branches of the superior and middle rectal arteries (injected with red latex) dissected as they emerge into the anal submucosa. One feature they recognized was the thickness and rich vascularity of the anal submucosa. The veins of the anal submucosa are particularly notable, exhibiting one of the two entirely unique local morphological characteristics. Fig. 6 (a) Radiograph of an anorectal specimen prepared by filling the superior rectal vein with a warm barium/gelatin mixture which on cooling sets in the veins. Fig. 5 A haemorrhoidectomy specimen clearly showing the vein sacs of the ‘haemorrhoidal’ venous plexus, here clotted. Fig. 7 Venous saccules in an infant anorectum demonstrated by (blue) latex injection and a tissue clearing technique. It was in fact likened to cavernous tissue and reckoned to assist anal closure.

The cushions are held against the shearing, extruding force of defaecation by smooth muscle, the musculus submucosae ani, and by elastic tissue. This muscle, the second unique anatomic feature—nowhere else is muscle to be found in the submucosa—was discovered by Treitz (1853) and has been observed and drawn by others since. They occur in all adults and are found at birth . There are two reasons: a legacy of misleading terms related in turn to a misconceived pathological explanation, and an inadequacy of anatomic description. Nineteenth-century anatomists gave a more accurate and detailed description of the anal lining. When their component vasculature is filled they confer an appearance to the anal lining which belies the standard anodyne description . This oversimplified description derives from the usual method of preservation and dissection and provides no clue either to the intricacies of its infrastructure or the almost inevitable vagaries of its existence . John Hunter (1728-1793) described them in a haemorrhoidectomy specimen (Spec.

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